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Why autumn is a great time to cleanse

A fast in early Autumn revitalises us for winter.

Autumn is harvest time

Autumn is the time when we gather summer’s produce and store it, in preparation for winter. And in just the same way, our bodies are deciding what we need to keep to nourish us through winter and what to let go of, as the cooler season begins.

From a Chinese medical viewpoint, autumn is the time of the metal element (which is similar to the air element in Ayurvedic thought).


The metal element is reflected in the lung and large intestine organs. Our lungs are our internal, yin energy organs that work hard to fight off all those nasty potential bugs and allergies that the change of season brings. They also store, but can also clear, any built-up grief from the previous season. It’s the job of the lung’s ‘partner-in-crime’ – the large intestine – to use its yang energy to release what the body no longer needs.

If your lung/large intestine system needs a clear out – your body will definitely be letting you know. You may find you are coughing up or sneezing out excess mucus. You may be in the midst of allergy symptoms. You may have a small, occasional, but annoying cough or a chronic sinus or chronic ear infection that’s reared its ugly self again.

At the other end

Large intestine At the large intestine end of things, you may have unexplained gas, constipation, diarrhea or a funny tummy when you first wake up.

As the body slows in Autumn, any excess toxins that have accumulated over the more active summer months now attempt to make their way out through the large intestine, lungs and skin. So early Autumn is an absolutely awesome time to cleanse – because our bodies are already going through a detox process.

A one-week juice fast in early autumn sets your body up for an easeful winter season. It allows the body to take a break from the demands of digestion and expend energy on cleansing our organs and blood of things that don’t serve us.

We really love this balanced 5 day cleanse. It also has a shopping list, what to expect during the detox process and comprises 5-6 juices a day.

By taking the time to care for your body now, you can enjoy the seasonal changes knowing that your system has been revitalised and prepared for the times ahead.


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