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Meditation, off the mat

Slowing and meditating

Stop, breathe, think appLife has been very busy of late: clinic is deliciously full, I’m studying part-time and maintaining a little time for yoga and the man I love, has all felt a bit jam-packed!

Rather than just keep going and feel a little frayed around the edges, I thought I’d slow my roll and meditate a little. I’ve been meditating for about 6-7 minutes a day for the last 10 days.

With things as they are, I realised I needed to be able to meditate whether I’m in clinic, at home or anywhere in between, so I started using a wee iPhone app, called Stop, Breathe & Think

I love it! Here are my top 5 reasons why (just in case you’re wondering –  nah, no-one’s sponsoring me to say this):

  • You can listen to a guided meditation anywhere (you just need some ear buds)
  • It’s completely customizable (depending on your emotional and physical state at that moment)
  • It’s got super cool illustrations that illustrate your mood (this works for me, as I’m a visual person)
  • It’s free (although you’ll have to pay for some longer meditations)
  • The meditations are mostly 5-6 minutes long (leaving no excuses not to meditate)

However, what has been most fascinating in my recent foray, was my meditation yesterday!

Yesterday, I had to sit a massive exam, one that I’ve been preparing for, for the last 21 days. With all that revision during the day, I hadn’t quite fitted in yesterday’s meditation. So I decide to pop in my ear buds and to walk and listen to a meditation, on my way to my exam. Woahhhhh Nelly! Was that a ride!!!

Have you ever tried to be mindful and walk down Lambton Quay?

It’s complete sensory overload – smells, sounds (even through ear buds), visual, kinesthetic obstacles/rhythms and fluctuations pinged me at every step. Adverts, buses, bikes, cars, people, dogs, food, walking trajectories, colours, eyes – every little piece of information seemed to draw me away from being calm and easy.

I suddenly saw very clearly how meditation is so useful in bringing us back to home base – what a lovely thing to experience! While I’m not sure I achieved much mindfulness on my sojourn to Lambton Quay – I hope my exam results prove more fruitful 😛


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